Keep focus on what matters

It is designed to be easy to use, develop and implement.

Add modules

Add as many modules as you need, build the best for your company.

Customize modules

Easily customize the modules according to the needs of your company.

Make modules

Create your own modules and shares with the community.


We have some versions, we are working to free more


Sails, Angularjs & MongoDB

  • v2

    Laravel, Vuejs 2 & MySql

  • Modules

    You have all these modules at your disposal, set your system in your own way and your needs

    Create your module

    Create your module and collaborate with us

    You are the important piece here, you can make real your ideas and share wit us and the community we want your talent, don't think it any more

    Make it real


    You will know when there is news

    Do not miss a single detail of what happens, you will receive the news like hot bread, in real time with our newest push notifications center

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    Manage your files and share it

    Avoid disasters, keep your files in one place, you can manager files, media and share information, everything whitout leaving the system

    Docs v2 | v1


    Keep up to date

    What is happening today?, a real-time news wall, share your ideas, images, publish important notices and favorite videos

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    Do not forget your obligations, order them

    We know that there are priorities, thanks to the task module, you can organize your priorities without forgetting everything you have to do

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    All your contacts in one click

    Do not look for thousands of phone books, here you find your contacts, with a single click you can know your email, general information and of course the contact number

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    Editing user profiles, personal and company information

    Be unique, here you can edit and add personal information, where to contact or your workplace

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    Real-time chat

    Keep in contact, everybody can chat in real time, saving time and optimizing communication between employees and departments

    Docs v2 | v1

    Access & Users

    Access control to users and permissions

    Calm down, everything is under control. You can grant or revoke permissions for accesing to a module

    Docs v2 | v1

    Logging Stats

    Who logged in, when and from where

    Be safe, in this module you can monitor the logins of the users, where and when, if anything it's not normal you will know it

    Docs v2 | v1


    Sign Up, login or recover your lost password

    Your users can register, login and recover their password when they want. We use the best password recovery option to make it easy and save time for you.

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    Customize to your way

    Make your system unique, configure simple things like the time zone, language and even with which email you want to be in contact

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